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Whats all the Noise... not from the EV though!!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It is all about EVs ...Electric vehicles. So much on the new vehicles launched, cutting edge innovation in the space, regulation trying to catch up and competition from the products from the established markets. Is this all just noise about something noiseless like the EV?

No, when 9/10 most polluted cities are in India and in 2018, we beat Germany to be the fourth largest automobile market. It is now inevitable to ride into the wave of change that electric vehicles are ushering in.From the days of Reva in the 2000's seen much as a novelty we are in an era that the government is actively supporting the transition with key policy changes. We have come a long way!

So what's stopping the EVs on their way....


Lack of choice??

Lack of adequate charging infrastructure??

Looooooooooooooooooooong charging times???

Lack of awareness on the benefits of owning/using EVs??

Lack of right talent and expertise to manufacture EVs( batteries, chargers) indigenously??

While all these have factored in the causes( some to larger extent) the adoption is gradually increasing.We believe just as Rome was not built in a day and all good things take time!!

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